How Much Does Staging Cost?

How much does staging your house to sell cost?  I found this article from Mike Santos very interesting.  He is in Canada, however I feel it is relevant her in the United States as well.  Here are some of the statistics he provided:

  • 79% of sellers are willing to spend up to $5,000 to get their house ready for sale.
  • 63% of buyers were willing to pay more money for a house that is move in ready.
  • 86% of those surveyed said storage space is important to potential buyers.
  • The Top 3 interior features for selling were freshly painted walls, organized storage space and current flooring.
  • 79% of buyers indicated they would be willing to pay a premium for a home with an updated kitchen.
  • Home staging is typically much less than the first price reduction.


What do you think?  Have you ever staged your home, personally or professionally? Call me for a consultation today!


*Stats provided by HomeGain2012 (


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